Company Profile

Based in Cape Town.

After 10 years in the industry, geringer architects have built up a port folio ranging from residential, commercial, industrial and insitutional projects. We have a range of Clients, from private, corporate, schools, and sporting and many other. Every project gets treated on its own merit, no matter how big or small, with the individual attention that it deserves. One thing, however, stays constant in every project: THE CLIENT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT INGREDIENT in any design. We learnt how to listen, interprate, and to lead when necessary.

No job too big or small.

What You Can Expect from us


We have successfully
completed projects in
Gauteng, Eastern Cape,
and various parts of
the Western Cape.


We specialise in design presentation, using technology to provide strong vizual assistance,enabling the Client to make critical decisions based on 3 dimensional and photo realistic rendering techniques.


We pride ourselves on every drawing that beares the GERINGER logo, from the smallest detail.


For more detail on our projects, please visit the projects tab on this web site.